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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We’re doing a business meeting that we want broadcast, so all of our employees can view the meeting. Can you do this?

    Yes. We offer satellite broadcasting services for conferences, meetings, and events. We can oversee the in-person business meeting and the virtual event at the same time, so it is live for those who can’t attend.

    What is ARS?

    ARS is our Audience Response System. When used, it allows members of the audience holding handheld response devices, to make a selection based on the choices offered them. Our computer collects the data, and can either store the information, or display it for the presenter to see.

    Do you set up the PA systems and other equipment that you rent out?

    Yes. We will come to whatever location you have chosen and set up and take down the equipment. For your event, you will have the services of a dedicated Technical Director, who will ensure that your event goes smoothly.

    Will I have to pay additional fees if I use an outside vendor for audio and visual equipment?

    No, we are experienced at union labor facilitation deals. We will work with the venue staff and negotiate contracts, so you won’t have to pay any additional fees.

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